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Websites to Build Your Business

At Design Initiatives, we build fully customizable online business, not just websites, in a scalable format that is ready to support your growing organization.


Custom Web Designs

Your website should be as unique as your organization. The design and layout of each site is tailored to the needs of the particular organization it represents.


Scalable Web Solutions

Each website is designed and built to grows as your business grows.


Content Management System

Each website is built on a robust content management system that allows you to easily update the content on your site, send customized email campaigns and newsletters right from your Administrative Portal.


Online Business Tools

Dynamic online business tools greatly increase the effectiveness of your website by adding functionality such as:

• Customer database

• Real time lead capture

• Online store

• Integrated payment gateways

• Multi-step workflows

• Custom reports

• Blogs

• Event promotion and bookings

• Photo galleries

• News section

• Comments

• FAQs

• Rotating banners

• Web forms

• Targeted email marketing

• Social media integration


Reporting and Analytics

Track visitors, traffic flow, email campaigns and click throughs with built in analytics and customizable reports. Our sites also easily integrate with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.



Each web development package includes hosting, domain registration and email accounts for your domain. The packages are customizable to accommodate various bandwidth and storage needs.


Content Management Service

If you’re like many small businesses and busy offices you don’t have time to update the content on your website. That’s where the Content Management Service can fill in the gap for you and take care of the maintenance and regular updating of your website’s content.

Essentials of an effective website


1. Clear Purpose

Visitors to your website, especially those from search traffic, most likely do not know exactly what your business does. Within a few seconds of visiting your homepage, it should be clear what your business does. If it takes longer than a few seconds to figure out what your business does, it's not clear enough and you will lose visitors.


2. Good, Engaging Content!

It cannot be said enough, good is content is essential. Search engines catalog your site based on content. People very quickly determine if your site and business can meet their needs. Visitors will not stay on your site or return if the content does not capture their interest.


3. Easy to Navigate

You don't want your potential customers to leave your site because it was too difficult to find the information they needed. Menus and navigation links should be easy to find and meaningfully named. The longer a visitor stays on your site and the deeper they go into secondary pages the more likely they are to return to your site and the more like they are to become a customer.


4. Easy to Find Contact Information

Contact information must be easy to find on EVERY page. Visitors to your website should not have to hunt for your contact information. It should be easy to locate on every page.


5. A Clear Call to Action

You know your business best and you must decide what the purpose of your website is, then direct your design and content to achieve that purpose.


What is the goal of your website? Is it to drive visitors to your Facebook page? Make a purchase? Subscribe to your newsletter? Contact your business? Whatever the purpose of your site, make it easy for visitors to accomplish it.


6. Make a Good First Impression

It cannot be stressed enough, first impressions are vitally important. The average visitor will decide within the first few seconds of visiting your page if they will stay or go.


7. Visually Appealing

Good design should not be "noticed" it should make viewing and navigating your website appealing without distracting from the content.

Design Initiatives

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