Design Initiatives

Great design doesn't just look good, it speaks.


It speaks to your audience,

so that your message resonates and moves them to action.

Graphic Design Services

At Design Initiatives, graphic design is more than just a job, it's a passion. I love to create things whether it's flyers, banners, brochures, catalogs, business cards, websites, posters, social media graphics or advertisements. Each job gets my full attention and best work.

Marketing & Advertising is Reaching People

Marketing and advertising is so much more than just having a pretty design and catchy phrase. Each piece of your marketing strategy must have a clear purpose and target audience if it is to succeed. The "one size fits all" mentality will not work to successfully promote your business to a diverse set of customers and achieve the desired results.

Capitalize on Your Uniqueness

This is not a cookie cutter shop where all the designs are based on slightly modified templates. Each project gets the individual treatment based on your business, your message and your desired results. This is a custom graphic design shop.

Customer Focused

When you work with Design Initiatives, I like to start each project with a conversation: what is the goal, who do you want to reach, what is your vision, how does this fit in with your overall business plan and marketing strategy, etc....

What message does your current website and marketing material send?

Are you ready to send a better message and get better results?

Design Services...

Marketing & Advertising

• Postcards

• Posters

• Banners

• Flyers

• Door Hangers

• Video Clips

• Advertisements

• Social Media Promotions

• Email Campaigns

Business Needs

• Postcards

• Business Cards

• Letterhead

• Logos

• Banners

• Posters

• Brochures

• Fliers

• Catalogs

• Online Sales

Graphic Design

• Logos

• Special Event

• Themes

• Banners

• Posters

• CD Covers

• Book Covers

• Photo Editing


• Custom Designs

• Content Management

• Hosting

• Maintenance and Updating Services

• Online Business Tools to Grow YOUR Business

• Customer Engagement Stats

• Search Engine Optimization

• Customer Database

• Online Store

• Integrated Payment Gateways

• Email Campaigns

Ministry & Church Needs

• Prayer Cards

• Letterhead

• Websites

• Video Duplication

• Videos

• Slideshows

• Slideshow Templates

• Special Event Materials

• Bulletin Templates

• Door Hangers

• Posters

• Banners

• Online Fundraising

• Sales

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